Diane  Egby-Edwards


   Welcome Fellow Traveller,

Thank you for visiting my website.

I’ve been in full-time practice as a Hypnotherapist for almost 30 years . 
I combined Hypnotherapy with Sound Healing when I fell in love with sound about 10 years ago – hence Hypnosound was born.

On this website you will discover how Hypnotherapy blended with the harmonics and intervals of sound has the potential to transform your life.

How, by using Voice Analysis, we can enter the emotional psyche and resolve ancient traumas.

By journeying into Past Lives we can release impure residues, bringing change and empowerment to the present incarnation.

All these therapies are effective for anxiety, panic attacks, depression, Bipolar, sleep disorders, stress, eating disorders, smoking addictions, weight control, confidence and self esteem difficulties, all problems of an emotional / psychological nature.

As beings of Light Energy we can speed up our vibration with Chanting, Overtoning, playing the sound bowls, drumming and, of course, with Meditation. By using these amazing processes we can more fully play our part in the coming changes - as the Light-bearers that we are.

Harmonic Distance Healing enables those who are unable to get to my practice in Bournemouth to have healing. The power of Sound Harmonics, combined with Intention, travels on an Orgone beam adjusted to your unique vibration wherever you are.


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 Or on Bournemouth U.K. 01202 423111



Contact me on 01202 423111 or email hypnosounds@yahoo.co.uk